Online Vs Reality; Optimizing Expectations…

Reality is the sum or aggregate of all that is real or existent within a system, as opposed to that which is only imaginary. Online is connected to, served by, or available through a system and especially a computer or telecommunications system (such as the Internet).
It’s no lie that there’s a mismatch between online and reality. In recent times the difference has been so glaring. How do you compare online classes and lecture room discussions, online advertised products and the physical products purchased? You see different lifestyles which contradicts an individual’s true person. In this article, we’ll highlight various aspects of human endeavor with reference to the theme of discourse. You are in for a great ride, please do read on!!!


We all know the routine: Scroll through Twitter, share a few thoughts, retweet a couple of people’s posts , like a handful of Tweets, go through the same process on Instagram, WhatsApp,Facebook,Snapchat and the other apps known. One cannot compare the virtual world to the real world as they are completely different things. People who use what they see online as benchmarks for their relationships and their lives are most times set up for a massive disappointment. We would not deny the fact that there are some lifestyles cum personalities online that have substance and portray truth, but there is still a wide disparity from reality.

We see people stepping forward talking about how they lived this falsely extravagant life online just to receive the validation of complete strangers.
On the other hand, people still display falsehood even in real life but this cannot be matched with what we get on social media.


In today’s world, the advent of virtual learning is no longer news. There are a lot of courses online that one can take and become certified in but does that take out the place of on site learning? Real time learning affords you the opportunity to interact physically with your tutors and fellow students. It brings this deep feeling of closeness to what is being taught as compared to online learning. Ranging from limited scope of learning as touching practical based situations, Network inconsistencies to data availability, online learning sure does come with it’s own cons. Online learning sure does have the capacity to reach out to a larger audience than the traditional classroom setting.


No doubt we live in a business-world dependent on online , sales, marketing and reviews.
Not only is it rare to come across a business or product lacking in one way or other in sales, marketing strategy and in online reviews but these brief tidbits of information have become so popular that when a business lacks them entirely, it’s suspicious and should not be referred better than reality.

There are businesses whose presence and standard online matches with their physical representation, but we still have a lot of exaggeration of products online. A lot of us have heard and seen stories of the “what I ordered VS what I got” trending, some of us have experienced it at one point in time or the other.

Having a steady customer of worth is a well-trusted and valuable source in today’s market. They’re powerful enough to make a substantial impact on a business’s sales.This makes online sales, marketing and online reviews for better customer service a valuable part of business operations.
That being said, there can be quite a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to expectation on online business to fit more than reality.Online business is the best in effectively reaching out to every expectations of the business owners and the customers to be at its best optimal level overtime. More so, offline businesses are solid and dependable but have limited reach. Online businesses have a potential massive reach, but they involve a typically higher level of risk due to the greater competition.


Online communication has become a centerpiece in the social life of many individuals. With people spending most of their time to communicate with their friends and families through chat and instant messaging, it’s effects on real life communication cannot be ignored.
There is need for people to integrate both the online communication and the real life interaction for quality friendship, this will establish the relationship between the real-life and online communication.

In conclusion, There should actually be a balance between both online and on site activities. So we encourage you, the next time you choose to post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, to think about why you are sharing what you are posting .Live your life according to your standards, not to everyone else’s.Try not to always make what you see on social media your first line of action or guideline. Choose learning options that suit your comfortability and goals, don’t box yourself in a particular method. In business, you should pay attention and ask enough questions before going in to purchase goods online so you don’t get dissapointed by your purchase. Note that online business is much simpler and less expensive and more productive in structure even though offline businesses are solid and more dependable. In communication, Pay attention to spending quality time with family and friends, don’t limit your building your relationships to social networking unless of course you are in distant locations and there’s no means of physical reach.

In our opinion, we think that your present need would define which of the methods you’ll be maximizing. In other words, this is to say that you should make efforts to make the best of whichever option you choose, to ensure you achieve proper end results.

P:S This post is a submission made by 🌊RIVER MURRAY🌊 (HUB 4) for their River Clash on ACT⚡VATE LDH 2020.

Foster Parenting… A way out or not??? 

Yeahhh….it’s been a while I shared something with us…. Medschool wahala plus phone issues….Apologies to everyone 🙏🙏🙏 Nonetheless we’re back and with something better🤗🤗🤓

Our subject of discourse says “Foster parenting,a way out or not? Foster parenting means giving parental care to unrelated children. And by unrelated I would mean children that aren’t one’s biological children. By now you might be wondering what this is about, Well I am not talking about foster parenting as in live-in families. I’ll be talking about it as a method my little sister’s school implemented in order to take care of students not performing well.

This is how it works; Any student with a cumulative percentage of less than 60% automatically is entitled to a foster parent.What the foster parent does is to ensure that the child improves drastically above 60% the next term.The foster parent will be responsible for checking the notes, giving them extra assignments and making sure they read. My sister’s class teacher made a further move of creating foster friends in her class of which my sister is one.The foster friends are the best performing students in class.The function of a foster friend is to closely monitor the student assigned to him or her in class.He or She ensures that they aren’t distracted during lessons which is aided by the fact that they sit close to each other.During the lunch break, the student doesn’t go out to play like others but instead is asked to go over the lessons just concluded.During the short break, the foster friend asks the student questions on what he or she read during the lunch break to assess the child’s assimilation.The bone of contention here is that is this method a good way to better students performance or does it create a divide among these children? My opinion about this can be observed in the following:

First,the foster friend tends to benefit from this such that a sense of being responsible for one another’s success is being nurtured.The way my sister talks about her classmate she is fostering gives me a foresight of the kind of student she’ll turn out to be.

Second point is the student being fostered looking down on his or her self such that he or she feels inferior to other students causing low self esteem. Another way to look at it is that it can actually push the student to do better when he observes that he or she is being secluded from some know little children and their attitude.Viewing this in another light,you’ll agree with me that the foster friend could get distracted and arrogant leading to his or her own decline in performance.I would conclude that this method though having it’s pros and cons should be adjudged effective depending on the relative difference between both pros and cons.
Well, these are my views about this subject,I would love us to share our views too as I might have missed out on some points. Let’s learn together.😀😀.Thanks for reading…. I await our feedbacks😘😘.

Good is Good,Evil is Evil! 

After watching an Hindi movie titled”Kick “,I paused to ask myself this question:”In meeting the needs of other people,do I have to do things not worthy of note?”The movie,Kick depicts the life of Devi who for the sake of less priviledged children suffering from various health anomalies becomes an hardened criminal sought after by all the security agencies.Devi becomes Devil in his bid to acquire wealth from top officials in various parastatals and other notable wealthy men in the country.His main aim was to become the Angel to these less priviledged children and sponsor the surgeries to correct their various health anomalies by stealing from these people. His decision was prompted by the action of the minister of health,who owning a charity health organization turned Devi down when he approached him for help concerning a little girl with an heart disease. I sat to think that actually our dear country,Nigeria is not devoid of people like this health minister,but is robbing Peter to pay Paul the solution?

Should Ada steal from her father,Mazi Okeke who has refused to sponsor her education just because she is a girl or rather just poison him?

Should Zube,the only cardiothorac surgeon in Wuse refuse to perform a surgery on Dr. Alikoko because he purposely failed her in one of her exams in med school because she refused his numerous sexual advances?

Should Jide refuse to employ Lola,an overly qualified graduate,the then LCDA chairman’s daughter just because he looted funds while still in office?

So much evil in all sectors, nevertheless I can still see a gleam of good shining nearby. Truth be told, evil cannot be overcome with evil. The solution we have all been clamouring for starts with us. Participating in armchair politics won’t change anything but rather cause things to deteriorate beyond repair.Don’t just remain there putting all the blames onthe government.In my candid opinion,good begets good. Let’s take this case scenario for example;You notice Bolu your classmate destroying a lecturer’s car because he felt the lecturer didn’t give him his deserved score in the last test.What to do is not to join him in his act of destruction but to report to necessary school authorities and if the case is that the school authorities are no different from your lecturers, seek out other honourable ways to seek justice.Yes,we actually know that some situations are quite beyond reach because of the spread of vices in high places,well….that shouldn’t discourage us from doing our own little bit of good. It pays to repay every act of evil and good with good and good alone. It’s a new month,set out to do good this month as far as you can go without hurting someone else. Remember it starts with us!

Nigeria’s gonna be better!!!We are waxing stronger!!! Happy New October!!!

P.S:I await our critiques, appraisals, suggestions on this piece. Thanks for taking time to read. [Thols]